Landscaping and stakeholder insights

Holistic Market Insights

  • Extensively inform clinical and commercial development of your new product
  • Patient journey, indications prioritization, identification of relevant CT endpoints, TPP optimization
  • G·360™ offers an integrated view of all stakeholders using an iterative approach, in one single move

Patient Centric Insights

  • Putting the patient voice at the heart of what you do
  • Observational and interactive methods mapping patient experiences, treatment pathways, ethnography
  • P·Board™ provides an invaluable telescope on disease burden, emotional impact, unmet needs, treatment expectations and patient preferences

Business Development Insights

  • Helping you make confident decisions with quick turnaround
  • Mixed qualitative-quantitative / multi-stakeholders for a holistic view (Advisory Board, TPP Testing, Demand Study, Pricing, etc.)
  • Easy access to key stakeholders with our proprietary panel of HCPs, KOLs and Payers
  • Agility with in-house programming and analytics for optimal set-up and analysis.

From discovery and development through to re-positioning and patent expiry strategies, Genactis will select the optimal tools and methods for your specific business questions.

Market modelling and forecasting

Flexible Market Sizing

  • Well-informed investment decisions in evolving markets
  • Flexi·Sizing™ offers statistically rigorous and agile methods
  • Robust extrapolations based on state-of-the-art statistical methods
  • Accurate sizing of opportunities

Realistic Product Forecasting

  • Superior product strategy in complex markets
  • Simple and complex conjoint models, linkage algorithms, market simulators including primary and secondary data
  • Market·Sense™ offers a bespoke approach to simulating complex and uncertain future markets
  • Smarter adjustments for more accurate, agile and realistic predictions

Actionable Customer Segmentation

  • Optimized marketing, communication and sales strategy
  • HCP and Patient segmentation and targeting using various statistical methods
  • S·Link™ offers a unique, adaptative, fully integrated and cost-effective HCP-Patient segmentation

Brand strategy and performance tracking

Positioning and Brand Equity

  • Shaping a winning brand strategy and growing your brand
  • G·Conquest™ helps you build offensive and defensive brand strategies that address global and local challenges
  • Brand·Map™ delivers vital insights to close the gap between what your audience thinks and where you want your brand to be

ATU Study and Recall Test

  • Bespoke brand performance monitoring to best adjust sales force tactics
  • KPIs tracking (Awareness, Trial, Usage, Loyalty and how it compares against competitors…)
  • Scorecards delivering online real-time KPIs and dashboards fully tailored to your needs

Patient Chart Audit

  • Reliable and meaningful insights to optimize your brand strategy
  • Closely monitor the uptake and usage of your product
  • Identify new trends
  • Interactive Data Analysers offering deep exploration of the data

Real-life insights and registries

Chart Reviews and Registries

  • Advanced biostatistical analyses of real patient data
  • Support design of clinical trials
  • Support clinical decisions and EMEA filings


  • Qualitative real-world insights
  • Patient diaries and bulletin boards

Our client partnerships

Having built long-standing partnerships with major global pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies, we understand what it takes to deliver excellence.