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Genactis provides expert, in-depth market research.
Use our insights to make inspired business decisions.


Now you don’t have to choose between ‘safe’ and ‘exciting’. Genactis is both.

My name is Munna Vio. I'm an Account Director at our London office. We’ll find the shortest distance between your research goals and achieving your objectives. Our work for you will be unique, influential and, yes, exciting. There’s a snapshot below of why we’re different... and how we can make a difference for you. To know more email me at munna.vio@genactis.com

You’ll be in good company. Since 1998 we’ve helped bring clarity and confidence to many established pharmas and emerging leaders.

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Enjoyable Experience

Our processes are streamlined and have been refined over hundreds of projects. That means you spend more time developing great ideas from our insights... and less time worrying about the mechanics of your research project.

Risk Control

Launching a new product has to be right first time. In the last 15 years we’ve worked on global blockbuster launches through to niche products. Along the way we’ve learned how to ask the right questions... and get the right data.

Strategy development

Some research companies think delivering the data is the end of the job. At Genactis we think that’s where the real value starts. We’ll help you to translate market feedback into actions that will reduce your TTM and increase your ROI.


We can add real value to your projects. Not just because of our market research skills, but because our team includes world-class experts in fields like cardiology, urology, rheumatology and oncology. We’re a highly qualified partner.


We offer a range of applications which help you to extract the maximum value from your market research project. We have PC, cloud-based and mobile-enabled options so you can make inspired decisions anytime and anywhere.


Yes, we have 15 years’ experience and vast inhouse expertise of medical and technical subjects. But we’re constantly evolving and learning about topics like Mechanisms of Action and diagnostics. We’ll be experts in your product.


On time, on budget, no surprises. Your compliance team will be satisfied with our processes. Your finance team will approve of our excellent value. And you’ll be reassured to know that we always live up to our promises. Guaranteed.


Genactis hits the sweet spot for your project: we’re small enough to be agile, and big enough to have all the resources you need.
You could take the first step right now. Email Nathalie Rauscher.


Market Research for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

My name is Michaela Schmidt and I am an Account Director located in Germany. I have a passion for developing innovative techniques - for and with you - to support both qualitative and quantitative projects. If you are interested in new and cutting-edge ways to get to the heart of your target group, contact me to see what we can design for your products. michaela.schmidt@genactis.com


    - 30,000 doctors in our panels
    - 100% verified. Invitation only
    - Flexible qualitative research


    - Fast implementation
    - Cost-effective and flexible
    - Global quantitative research


    - Specialist medical knowledge
    - Specialist ethnic/culture skills
    - Prescriber/Payor focus groups


    - Support for the whole product lifecycle
    - Early traction with target markets
    - Clinical program input


    - Custom data for your product
    - Granular information for better insights
    - Innovative features, like adverse event triggers


    - Predict market share by territory
    - Custom Genactis online tools
    - Sophisticated decision support


Our unique approach delivers on our promise:

Internalisation and integration of all operations – ensures quality, consistency and control in time and cost. All recruitment, translation, and moderation are undertaken in-house. We make certain that every issue and nuance is placed in the right context. In those countries where we do not have offices, our research partners are fully integrated into our way of working, using our same processes and SOPs, ensuring the same level of quality and consistency.

Insightful local and global perspectives – ensures you are not subject to the pitfalls of working via a network of local agencies, meaning no loss of understanding, and no risk of delays or misinterpretation. You will get a detailed, accurate analysis, distilled into a strategically focused report and presentation, with country analyses so thorough they can easily be used as country reports.

Extensive in-house market access expertise – ensures that market access and the healthcare environments of each country are taken into full consideration when making conclusions and recommendations, something which cannot be done by central-only analysis.

Guaranteed compliance and legal adherence – by having a local expertise, we fully comply with all of the local laws and regulations. With Genactis, you won’t need to worry about, or be reproached for issues concerning confidentiality, HIPAA compliance, adverse event reporting, data protection or physician payment guidelines.

Advanced analytics unlock your inner genius. We provide the data you need in the way you want it. Our advanced analytics includes methodologies like linked decision models, hybrid segmentation, market structure analysis, volumetric forecasting and brand equity analytics. But the bottom line is that our information is easy to assimilate, so you can have moments of inspiration when making business plans.


Every part of our market research process is world class. You get guaranteed results.

My name is Cécile Pacheco. I’m a specialist in post-launch performance monitoring studies. We create ad-hoc studies that enable you to quickly answer key business issues and maximize your product throughout its lifecycle. We’ll keep your finger on the pulse of evolving patient, prescriber and market dynamics. Ask me how. cecile.pacheco@genactis.com


Two things differentiate our qualitative research offer. First, we’ve moved away from ‘moderator dependent’ research - which can skew responses by moderator or territory - and developed an ‘expert dialog’ methodology. This flexible approach relies on the in-depth knowledge of our research teams. Second, we custom design our research for each market, to give locally valid insights. Our ethnography skills are an example of localizing our research.


The quality and granularity of our market research puts us in a strong position to provide value-added data. Genactis has developed proprietary software that enables our customers to easily and quickly answer critical questions and what-if scenarios. M-PASS enables extraordinary market simulations. And our TrueShare application delivers accurate, calibrated sales forecasting based on numerous factors. We employ advanced mathematical, conceptual and statistical tools.


We have a very close and mutually rewarding relationship with our global team of over 30,000 physicians. As a subset, we have specialist panels covering areas like oncology, cardiology, rheumatology, neurology and diabetes. Physicians are pleased to collaborate with our in-house Market Research Executive and to participate in our online studies. All our physicians are individually invited and our dedicated Medical Recruiters have 1-to-1 relationships with them. This naturally leads to high quality market data.


Genactis has world-leading resources for researching potential payor customers in the US and EU. Our MMAG Managed Market Advisory group in the US and EPAG European Payor Advisory Group have unmatched knowledge of the key players and dynamics in each area. Our payor contacts make purchasing decisions for hundreds of millions of patients so your product needs to meet a number of criteria. We can help you fine-tune your offer to maximize sales.


Our Advanced Informatics Centre of Excellence provides highly customized tools to facilitate a range of activities, including Internet-based research, electronic patient records, web-based interactive data analyzers , conjoint-based advanced market simulators, building/managing custom Physician Advisory Groups, KPI dashboards, and a multitude of other interactive tools, some of them dedicated to online qualitative approaches, such as visual hotspot pointing or emotion response collection. Our skills extend your reach, improve the quality and usability of data, and save time and money.


A challenge with research is that we ask questions today, but your products might be launched at a point in the future when the competitive landscape is completely different. Our deep understanding of therapeutic areas and industry knowledge mean that we can help you position your new product against known or likely competitors to maximize your chances of market success. We’ll quickly become experts in your product and help you all the way to launch.


With Genactis you’ll find that the entire market research process is seamless. You’ll have an account manager who will be involved at every stage and who will take personal responsibility for co-ordinating the Genactis team and any partners who are involved in your project. A high percentage of our projects are repeat orders from customers who have used our services multiple times. They appreciate our unique account management... and our performance guarantee.


International market research projects can tend to be homogeneous, with the questions and methodologies simply being translated for each different territory. Our approach is different. Our country teams will use their experience of local market dynamics to customize your research project for the US and Europe’s top markets. Rather than create average insights for all markets, we aim to help you become the market leader in all markets where you participate.

We guarantee the quality and value of our work.
Genactis puts so much expertise and enthusiasm into every step of the market research process that we guarantee our outcomes will be valuable to your business. No matter what the size of your project and its budget, your Genactis account manager will be with you every step of the way.


We love helping our customers look into the future. It’s almost magical.

My name is Roger Panteri and I’m a Project Manager located at our Rome Office. I specialize in formulating access and payor research for the US and EU markets. If you’re interested in maximizing your product exposure in today's and tomorrow’s reimbursment systems, we can help expand your horizons. Ask me how. roger.panteri@genactis.com


We were formed in 1998 to pioneer exciting new ways of conducting pharmaceutical market research. Sixteen years later we’re still thinking and acting differently. The very bottom line is that we help you to make inspired decisions.


We’ve got an unrivalled breadth and depth of knowledge to tap into with our 30,000 strong physician members. We’re also experts at market dynamics: like the shift from prescriber to payor financial models. Plus we’re incredibly flexible.


We’re serving every stakeholder in the life science landscape. Our customer, the medical community, patients: we’re proud to play a part in reducing the cost-to-market and time-to-market of exciting new health products.


We’ve got an established team of industry veterans with incredible experience... plus graduates with challenging ideas. We’re thought-leaders in diverse areas: from oncology to technology, and market research to payor markets.

Join the front line of market intelligence. Distilled business insights are the result of massive market intelligence. We have built a unified team to address your issues at the quality level your company deserves. Every member of Genactis is personally commited to add value to your project and always has in mind that the ultimate goal is to improve patient healthcare...
The end result is insights you can count on in your decision making.


OK. Let’s create an awesome market research project for your business.

My name is Nathalie Rauscher. I manage some of our main global accounts and have been with Genactis for the last 15 years. I worked in many therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Metabolism and CV diseases, Inflammatory Diseases, Rare Diseases and I have a deep knowledge in both qualitative approaches and quantitative methods (including Choice Models, Segmentation Surveys, patient Chart Audits), surveying all key stakeholders. If you’d like to know more about any aspect of Genactis... please email me. I’ll make sure we get back to you quickly with an answer. nathalie.rauscher@genactis.com


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