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TRUST - Hello, I'm Munna Vio. I'm an Account Director at our London office. Trust is a precious thing. I'm proud of the trust our clients put in Genactis; to understand their research goals, to deliver the right outcomes and to achieve their objectives. Believe me when I say…Genactis is a team you can TRUST, even with your most strategic projects. Let's connect: munna.vio@genactis.com

UNDERSTANDING - Hi, my name is Michaela Schmidt. I'm an Account Director located in Germany. My colleagues and I believe that people who UNDERSTAND each other make for better partners. That's why at Genactis, only people who fully UNDERSTAND your needs, issues and the challenges you face will champion your projects. Find out more: michaela.schmidt@genactis.com

EXPERTISE - Hello my name is Roger Panteri. I'm a Project Director located at our Rome Office. I'm an expert in formulating Payor research. I'm not alone though….Genactis has many experts in different specialties to ensure optimally designed programs with revealing outputs you can work with. We have particular expertise in Rare Disease and New Product Market Research. Ask me: roger.panteri@genactis.com

ANSWERS - My name is Cécile Pacheco. I've found answers to my clients' questions for 15 years. At Genactis we adopt a multidimensional approach to Market Research that goes beyond data. So whatever ANSWERS you need about your products, markets or therapeutic areas, ask and we will reveal: cecile.pacheco@genactis.com

PARTNERSHIP - My name is Nathalie Rauscher. I've been with Genactis since the beginning and I manage some of our key global accounts. I know how important truth, transparency and integrity are when you choose a partner. That's why these are not just words to Genactis. Make your next email one step closer to partnership: nathalie.rauscher@genactis.com

SATISFACTION - We are proud of the quality and value of our work.

Genactis puts so much energy, expertise and enthusiasm into every step of the market research process. We don't simply aim to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them, and keep you coming back for more... This is why 90% of our customers come back to us after their first experience.

Making Decisions Possible


Stress free market research

Genactis established itself as a trusted partner to the team with high-quality deliverables, focus on customer needs and great project management skills.
I can rely on the Project Director and with confidence delegate work.
(International Strategic Insights Manager)

We get the answers you need

Many thanks to the Genactis team for this crisp and thorough presentation, and for accurate and close-to-reality market sizing data.
(Business Analyst, Sanofi)

We deliver on time & on budget

With Genactis, no bad surprises! Our procurement love them.
(Business Analyst)

We help you achieve "buy-in" for your projects

Also forwarding our VP's comments. She's highlighted our "quick and clear" reporting approach. It allowed her to ask clarifying questions immediately and they were well addressed.
As a result our VP and the team understood our story at a high-level from the start. Then the detailed findings review inspired a team discussion.
We've set the standard, now we'll need to follow-through with the same for the quant research.
(Customer Insight Director – GSK)

We speak your language

It was a pleasure completing the study as I thought it was well designed and relevant to clinical practice.
Yes, I will certainly be interested in completing the proposed study. Please send me the appropriate link or add it on to my portfolio.
Will be happy to participate again. The format is very well constructed and thus easier for clinicians to provide data.
(Enthusiastic oncologist)

We make decision making easy

Finally, I would like to say that we were very satisfied with how this study was conducted and analyzed.
The results were actively discussed in our team, were clear and understandable and gave us important input on the performance of [our product] and its competitors.
I would like to thank you and your team for your commitment and the great cooperation.
(M.W., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Business Intelligence Manager)

I like your report very much, both regarding take away messages, wording, as well as layout!
(International Strategic Insights Manager)

We help you make a difference

So I am heading back home from the airport, but I just wanted to let you know that our presentation has been super successful! […]
All countries (including the emerging markets such as Brazil) are super interested in our MR data, the study design and the insights we got from it!
In fact, they asked me to share the info with them!
(Business Analyst)

Bringing Intelligence In-Sight



Internalization and integration of all operations.

Recruitment, translation, and moderation are undertaken in-house to ensure quality, consistency and control over time and cost. In countries where we don't have a Genactis office, we have fully integrated research partners. They conform with our processes, Standard Operating Procedures and compliance procedures.

Ensuring the same high standard of quality and consistency.

Insightful local and global perspectives – ensure that you get accurate and detailed analysis, distilled into strategically focused reports and presentations. Detailed country analyses are so thorough they can easily be used as country report(s). Which means you can avoid the pitfalls of working via a network of local agencies.

No loss of understanding, and no risk of delays or misinterpretation.

Extensive in-house understanding of local healthcare systems – ensures that market access and the healthcare environments of individual countries are taken into full consideration when drawing conclusions and making recommendations. Ready access to our proprietary European Payor Advisory Group adds an additional dimension to our research.

A complete perspective on your market.

Guaranteed compliance and legal adherence – Genactis has local expertise to ensure compliance with all of the local laws and regulations.

No need to worry about confidentiality, HIPAA compliance, adverse event reporting, data protection or physician payment guidelines.

Dedicated project management teams, overseen by Account Directors.

You'll have a commercially minded Project Director involved at every stage of the project. They take personal responsibility for coordinating both the Genactis team and any external partners involved in your project.

With Genactis you'll find that the entire market research process is seamless.

In-house native speakers

  • Translations are done in-house by native speakers and controlled for adherence to original English material.
  • Our Moderators and Interviewers are native speakers, with a local culture, dedicated to healthcare, and perfectly fluent in English.
People who understand each other make better partners. This is why at Genactis we ‘speak one language through many tongues'.



We ensure one Genactis person is responsible for all local elements, especially translation of material, recruitment, moderation and analysis. This person is always a native of each country and fully dedicated to healthcare market research. This ensures a seamless management of your projects and moves away from classic ‘moderator dependent' and ‘transcript dependent' research.


Our in-house Advanced Analytics team puts us in a strong position to provide value-added outputs. In addition to mastering traditional statistical methods, we're continually developing proprietary methods such as M-PASS™ and True-Share™, enabling extraordinary and calibrated market simulations. This gives our customers the possibility to easily and quickly answer critical questions as well as what-if scenarios.


Our internalized and centrally hosted Advanced Informatics Centre of Excellence provides highly customized tools combined with an incredible level of security: specific data collection instruments, market simulators, data analyzers, interactive dashboards, Genactis private cloud... This unique capability extends your reach, improves the quality and usability of data, and saves time and money. Come, visit our dedicated site to discover and learn about all we offer.


We have a genuinely medical and scientific approach to understanding therapy areas. In this way, our research and materials are deeply meaningful for respondents. In addition, it means we help you develop your new products against known, or future, competitors, in existing or new markets.


We have a very close and mutually rewarding relationship with a global team of over 30,000 specialists across the EU5. As a subset, we have the support of specialist panels covering specific Therapy Areas including; oncology, cardiology, rheumatology, neurology, immunology and diabetes. All our physicians are individually invited by our dedicated Medical Recruiters who have 1-to-1 professional relationships with them. This means Genactis has one of the cleanest panels in the market.


As part of our Specialist panel we are particularly proud to have easy and regular access to KOLs and Rare Disease specialists. Together we work on an increasing number of projects and develop unique expertise.


The Genactis EPAG (European Payor Advisory Group) has unmatched knowledge of the key players and dynamics in each country. Access to these key advisors who include ex-transparency committee members and national payers, make for more informed insights.

Genactis partners with a seasoned Payor Research expert in the US, thus ensuring full insight to the US market constraints.


Our passion for new product development has led us to develop many different ways for testing TPPs and supporting clinical and commercial development. From KOL and payer research, to Focus groups and war gaming assessment of TPPs, including Conjoint Projections done either as allocation exercises or on real patient cases, Genactis masters all the angles of TPP Testing.

A partner for life


We love helping our customers look into the future. It's almost magical.

Formed in 1998 to pioneer exciting new ways of conducting pharmaceutical market research. We strive to always think and act different to convention and so help our clients make inspired decisions.
Our People are a lot to do with our differentiators. Our focus on satisfying YOUR needs beyond your STATED needs means that we don't simply deliver projects.
Research is not an aim, but a means to an end and serves to reduce the cost-to-market and time-to-market of exciting new health products. We are genuinely medically minded and proud to contribute to improving the life of all stakeholders across the life science landscape.

We go out of our way to deliver


Since 1998 we've helped many established pharmas, biotechs and device partners to look both deep and forward into their market:

PHARMACEUTICALS. Actelion | Alcon | Amgen | Astellas | AstraZeneca | Baxter | Bayer Healthcare | Bial | BMS | Boehringer Ingelheim | Cephalon | Daiichi Sankyo | Eisai | Genentech | Genzyme | GlaxoSmithKline | Janssen | Johnson & Johnson | Merck & Co. / MSD | Merck Serono | Mitsubishi Tanabe | Momenta | NiCox | Novartis | Novo Nordisk | Onyx | Paion | Pfizer | Pharmacyclics | Sanofi | Shire | Takeda | Talecris | Teva | UCB

DEVICES & DIAGNOSTICS. BioMérieux | Boston Scientific | CathRx | Grifols | Ther-Rx
[see the complete list]

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