Who we are

Passionate about pharmaceutical market research, we are proud to partner with the world’s leading pharma and biotech companies to help make a real and lasting difference to all stakeholders across the life sciences landscape.

Brief history

Privately held, Genactis was founded in 1998 and we have been pioneering exciting new ways of conducting pharmaceutical market research ever since. Having played a part in the launch and development of numerous ground-breaking drugs, we are proud to be industry leaders in our field.


We always strive to think ‘outside the box’, never just relying on conventional thinking to get results. Working together, we always go beyond simply delivering a project to exceed your needs and provide powerful insights.


Our highly experienced team of market research professionals provides in-depth expertise across all therapeutic areas, using a wide variety of methodologies. Informed, incisive, intelligent and innovative, we go out of our way to always add value.

A partner for life

Experience is crucial

What we do

Working in close collaboration with our clients, we support the development and commercialization of their products. From discovery and development through to re-positioning and patent expiry strategies, Genactis has experience across all therapy areas and has a profound understanding of the many challenges facing the industry.

We’re with you at all stages of your asset’s lifecycle:

Stress-free market research  We get the answers you need  We deliver on time & on budget  We help you achieve 'buy-in' for your projects  We speak your language  We make decision making easy  We help you make a difference

What makes Genactis unique?

a fresh perspective

Using advanced projective and moderation techniques, we ensure that one Genactis team member is responsible for all the local elements of a project, from translation of material to moderation and analysis. This ensures complete consistency within, and across, markets. From here we can build focused, targeted analysis and hypotheses which will inform your future marketing strategies.

enhanced by our Advanced Analytics team

Our in-house Advanced Analytics team adds real and tangible value to your data. As well as mastering traditional statistical approaches, we are continually developing new proprietary methods such as Market·Sense™, S·Link™, S·Forward™ and Flexi·Sizing™, enabling extraordinary and calibrated market simulations, segmentations and projections.

medically focused

As an industry leader in large-scale Electronic Patient Record studies, our clients’ medical and clinical departments use us to undertake and analyze their registries. We collect over 100,000 medically advanced patient records per year and provide both biostatistical and commercially-relevant analysis.


The Genactis Advanced Informatics Center of Excellence provides highly customized tools along with an incredible level of security: specific data collection instruments, market simulators, data analyzers, interactive dashboards and the Genactis private cloud combine to offer a unique capability to extend your reach, improve the quality and usability of your data, and save time and money.

Verified specialist panels:
easy and secure access to your audience

We have a professional global network of over 30,000 specialists and KOLs across the EU5. Specialist panels cover specific therapy areas including: oncology, cardiology, rheumatology, neurology, immunology, diabetes and rare diseases. Our medical recruiters all have long-established working relationships with our network of physicians, meaning Genactis has one of the most comprehensive and ethically run panels in the industry.

Patient research:
put the patient at the center of your strategy

With the patient being absolutely central to developing a true market picture, Genactis has invested heavily in patient research methodologies. From online diaries, digital communities (moderated or not), in-depth interviews in patients’ homes and telephone interviews, we consistently make extensive use of projective techniques to put the patient at ease. More time- and cost effective than ethnography, these multiple approaches enable an empathetic understanding of the patient experience.

Payor research:
for better-informed decisions

Our country-specific teams of dedicated payor and access specialists ensure we always have a current and accurate understanding of local healthcare systems. The Genactis European Payor Research Team has an in-depth knowledge of the industry’s key players and dynamics. With direct and immediate access to these advisors through our EPAG, who include ex-transparency committee members and national and regional payors, we have a strong ability to deliver knowledgeable, market-relevant analysis. For the US market, we have a well-established partnership with a seasoned payor research expert, meaning we always have full insight of American market constraints.

Providing critical insights

How we do it

Making your needs, our needs

Internalization and integration

Study design, recruitment, translation, moderation and analysis are undertaken by our dedicated in-house local and global teams who take full responsibility for their part of the project, ensuring that quality, consistency and control are always maximized. In countries where we don't have a Genactis office, our established and fully integrated research partners work with us, conforming with all Genactis standard operating procedures and compliance.

Quality and consistency, every time

Dedicated project management teams, overseen by your Account Director

A highly experienced, commercially-minded Project Director will drive every stage of the project under the supervision of your Account Director. Taking personal responsibility for coordinating both the Genactis team and any external partners involved in your project, you'll find that the entire market research process is both thorough and seamless.

A smooth process from beginning to end

Insightful local and global perspectives

We deliver accurate and detailed analysis, distilled into strategically focused reports and presentations. Detailed country analyses mean you can avoid the pitfalls of working via a network of local agencies and transcripts.

See the whole picture, clearly and accurately

In-house native speakers

Translations are done by our in-house native speakers and are controlled for strict adherence to the original English material. Our global network of moderators and interviewers are all native speakers with local knowledge, ensuring perfect understanding and reporting of local insights.

We speak a common language

Guaranteed compliance and legal adherence

Genactis is extremely sensitive to local and global compliance concerns of our clients. We therefore place a great emphasis on adherence to all legal requirements and have been approved multiple times through third party compliance audits. Genactis is fully GDPR compliant; steps taken detailed on our privacy page.

100% compliance – always

Meeting your needs, every time

Why choose Genactis?

Quite simply, we go out of our way to deliver on time and on budget, every time.



Marie-Laure Louis
Senior Research Director, France

“I’ve been in pharma market research for over 20 years and with Genactis since 2006. I believe that trust is what makes partnerships work well.  Trust is based on integrity and is vital for developing long-lasting relationships with clients.”



Michaela Schmidt
Senior Director, Germany
MSc Global Marketing

“I believe wholeheartedly that understanding each other makes for better working relationships. At Genactis we fully understand your needs, issues and the challenges you face and will always champion your projects.”



Nathalie d’ESQUERMES
Head of Advanced Analytics
Master degree in Applied Mathematics Engineering degree in Statistics and Data Management E.N.S.A.I

“I am an expert in choice modeling, segmentation, market sizing and I am actively involved in Registry projects where we conduct Kaplan Meier analysis among other advanced analyses. Expertise is key to making a difference; only experts will be directly involved in your projects, from project design, through conducting research, and up to the presentation of the strategic results.”



Anabel Ferreras
Director of Client Services
MSc Biology

“At Genactis we adopt a multidimensional approach to Market Research that goes beyond data to provide the answers you need about your products, markets or therapeutic areas.”



Nathalie Rauscher
General Manager Genactis SAS
EDHEC Business School Diploma

“At Genactis we know how important truth, transparency and integrity are when you choose a partner, which is why these are not just words for us but fundamental principles from which to build a relationship.”



Hélène Délery
Software Engineer
DESS Computer Science

“We are proud of the quality and value of our work. We don't want to simply meet your expectations – we aim to exceed them. This is why our clients keep coming back to us.”

Strong collaborative relationships

Our clients

Since 1998 we've been a trusted partner to many established pharma, biotech and device companies:

Abbvie | Aptar | Astellas | Baxalta | Beckton Dickinson| Biofire | bioMérieux| | Biotest AG | BMS | Boehringer Ingelheim | Boston Scientific | Celgene | Chiesi |Daiichi Sankyo | FischerAppelt | Galderma | GSK | Gilead Sciences | Helsinn | Ipsen | Janssen | LFB | Menarini | Merck | NiCox | Novartis | Novo Nordisk | Pharmacyclics | Pierre Fabre | Roche | Sanofi | Santen | Shire | Takeda | ThermoFisher | UCB | VarmX | Zambon

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Over 1,300 physicians surveyed by Genactis in France, Germany, Spain and the UK, with the objective to collect all actors’ opinion on the COVID-19 impact on routine practice. pic.twitter.com/8KJbevZlc9

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