Consultancy Practices

Genactis is a premier life sciences research-based consultancy, with 3 core practices: Commercial Product Development, Market Research and Pricing, Access & Reimbursement. Each Practice is dedicated to understanding the business environment and issues of our clients within these areas, and permits Genactis to provide specific skills and consultancy to address any problems our clients face, provide direction for optimal solutions, advise them on how to meet and exceed their business objectives and to help them maximize the sales of their products.

Commercial Product Development (CPD)

The CPD Practice works with clinical, commercial and strategic development groups to assist them to develop products that can attain their full commercial potential. The Practice focuses on products and portfolio strategies throughout the entire product lifecycle, although it has specific expertise early on, at the critical but often understated, stages of the development process.

Market Research

Genactis is one of the world's premier providers of high quality, high-end market research, undertaking ad hoc projects and programs of research in all types of strategic and communication market research. Genactis specializes in providing solutions and giving direction to precise market-related issues, and working closely with clients to optimize their marketing and branding strategies. Genactis’ clients include market research, brand teams, marketing and senior executives responsible for product launches.

Pricing, Access & Reimbursement

Genactis helps clients determine the best pricing, access and reimbursement strategy at every phase of the product lifecycle, to optimize total return. Genactis provides the inputs to develop a value enhanced product, identify the health economic inputs that are required to gain formulary approval, to set the price and, most importantly, to help clients obtain formulary status and obtain the desired price. Genactis’ clients within this practice are typically those responsible for early pricing decisions, i.e. prior to Phase 3, those responsible for setting and getting the optimal price, clients responsible for Managed Markets and clients with lifecycle management responsibilities.

Integrated Practices

The biopharma world has moved from functional silos to cross-functional teams, and to that end Genactis provides cross-functional programs, utilizing the knowledge, skills and expertise of all of the Practices to assist life sciences companies maximize the commercial success of their products throughout the entire product lifecycle.

See our G SCOPE guide for a quick, clear view of how our Practices bring you value at any stage of the product lifecycle.